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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to all prospective members, I go by the AKA KINGY, and I have taken up the position as President of the Melbourne Sub Branch for the second year in a row. I served in the Australian Army for over 10 years, and during my service I was deployed on OP SUMATRA ASSIST 2004-2005.
The MBMMC in Victoria is growing strong, with the Melbourne Sub Branch moving to the Montmorency RSL outer Melbourne area, and the new formation of the Vic West Sub Branch in the Ballaratt area. Our members of the Melbourne MBMMC meet once a month for our general meeting, then a ride towards the end of each month, alternating with a Sunday meeting and ride every second month. Further to add we have overnight stays included in our ride calendar.

We are dedicated to supporting club members, Veterans and Ex service members and their families. The Melbourne Sub Branch is currently raising funds to set up the first Veterans Assistance Centre in Victoria named RESOLUTE. 

It does not matter what sort of bike you ride, a Harley cruiser or a sports bike everyone is welcome to inquire to join. Our constitution and SOPs are our bible, so if you are inclined to join then I would suggest you have a read of the Constitution and SOPs which can be found on the main MBMMC web site. We are always looking for Prospective members, so if you are interested please don’t hesitate to give me a call on the numbers below or email me at kingy1892@gmail or

Thank You, and I look forward to your inquiry 


Home: 0357822539, and leave a message.


19/08/2017 – Diggers MMC for Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Sat 19 Aug 17 saw the members of Melbourne Sub Branch meeting up at "Burger Me" in Seymour at 1100 for an early lunch before the ride. After a couple of drive-bys the members finally made it to the meeting point and after eating a hearty lunch they departed for the M31 (Hume Freeway) north east.
Setting a steady pace, the members soon found themselves exiting the freeway into Benalla on a busy Saturday afternoon. After negotiating the pedestrians and roundabouts, we turned south along Kilferra Road. Each junction had us turning right, and after a couple of minor detours, we turned west into Middle Creek Road. The brief said 500 m of unsealed road? I think the person measuring may need to go back to estimation school! After approx. 5 km of un-sealed road we came to a gate allowing access to the VVMC and Digger MMC compound. As always in the country we made sure the gate closed behind us. We rode up to the bike park and parked where space allowed.
Once we had de-robed our riding gear we moved to the bar and made contact with the President Diggers MMC who had made the initial invite. We mingled and chatted amongst the crowd before moving to down to the area where the Vietnam Day commemoration was due to take place. A well-planned service remembering both Vietnam and contemporary veterans.
Following the service, numerous photos were taken and we bade farewell to the VVMC and DMMC to allow them to move back to their respective bars. The members rode back down the un-sealed road and off on our way back home. We stopped off for a splash'n'dash and wished our fellow riders well. Then it was back home for tea and bickies.
A good ride in beautiful weather. May only have been a small number attending but our name is getting out and about.

Road Captain


Ride Report Vietnam Veterans Memorial Ride 20th August 2017.
The day started off with us all meeting at the Officer BP outbound at 1200hrs for a meet and greet coffee break. While waiting for Stands up we mingled with the PARTISANS AUSTRALIA, and other MCs. The stands up time was changed to 12:30 as to leave with the whole group. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell BLUE and Josh of the stands up timing change and I fully apologise for not realising they were both in Maccas having lunch. Could I ask all members that if they notice anyone missing for the brief can they let me know or go and get that person or persons.
We left Officer behind the PARTISANS, and behind us was over a KM of bikes it was fantastic. Upon arrival at Longwarry North at the VVMC VMC Gippsland Chapter club room we all headed to the memorial ready for the service.
Around 1400hrs the service started and for the wreath laying SWIFTY and his wife donated to the club a beautiful wreath for the club to lay at the service. The MBMMC Melbourne was called to lay the wreath after the PARTISANS and MONGREL and I laid the wreath on behalf of the club.
After the service, members of the Scouts came around with sandwiches, soup, and meatballs. Drinks were available at the bar.
We all mingled, had a chat then said our farewells to all who attended the service. All the MBMMC brothers said our farewells at Officer BP inbound and headed to home locations. It was a great day and we are invited to attend the service next year by the VVMC and VMC Gippsland Chapter.            






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